Star 161.2? Nope.

By Lee Brewer; posted October 9, 2020

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This is a star that looks similar to the not often encountered 161.2 profile (a CD of interest to me for years). I have heard Westerners refer to this as the California Star and been told these were not hard to find out there. I never saw one on a line in the east and still have only encountered around 3 r 4 of these total.

I remember inquiring about it when I first got one, and was told it was a 162, despite the resemblance in a lineup of signals. The Star's wire groove lip, in hand, is prominent, but not as square as the 161.2. The Brookfield 161.2 also has a crisp edge to the top of the skirt. The Star's wire groove is a lot wider than the Brookfield also. These are just observations of mine and not official reasons I was told the star is not a 161.2. Seeing as how other CDs can have variances within them like this, I am guessing it remains a 162 just to make it easier to classify.