Seventeen Decent Colors - Mixed Sales Stock

By Judd Moody; posted October 4, 2020

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Here is a grouping of spares I have for sale. I will gladly provide detail pictures or further description on condition if you are interested in a specific piece. I will also discount prices if you buy multiple items. Email with inquiries.

Top Row

CD 102 Star, yellow green with steamy bubbles - $8 *PENDING*

CD 102 Bar/Diamond, ice lavender - * SOLD*

CD 106 OVG Co, good blue - $6 *PENDING*

CD 107 PSSA, light olive - $30

Second Row from Top

CD 102 S.F., yellow green - $20 *PENDING*

CD 104 NETT, aqua - $4

CD 102 Broofield sharp drips, aqua with amber, $15

CD 106 McLaughlin, lime green, $10 *PENDING*

Middle Row

CD 235 Pyrex, light carnival, $30

CD 143 CNR, yellow green with amber *SOLD*

CD 145 HGCO, sky blue, $20 *PENDING*

Second from Bottom

CD 162 Star, olive with amber, $25 *PENDING*

CD 164 Maydwell, dark straw, $10

CD 164 Maydwell, white milkglass $25

Bottom Row

CD 152 No. 48, lots of seed bubbles, *SOLD*

CD 162 McLaughlin, steel blue, $20 *PENDING*

CD 164 McLaughlin, dark emerald green, $30

Shipping from central Texas using the most economical method depending on size of the box. Willing to work with Canadian buyers but recent shipping across the border have seemed to increase in the price. Thanks for looking.