Was Fred Locke Color Blind? M-2430

By Mike Parker; posted June 18, 2003

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One of the first production M-2430 multiparts made by the famous Fred M. Locke. This one, with it's original pin and stand was found in the wild in 2002 by a couple of equally famous insulator hunters. This insulator helped bring the citizens of Eureka, California out of the dark ages. Then it was thrown off of it's pole to make way for higher voltage. I know that in this period of time, about 100 years ago as I write this!, Fred only glazed porcelain in 2 colors, white and brown. This is what he sold as "brown" back then. Try "Yellow" ! Yes, I will admit that over the years after this one was made, the M-2430 gradually got "browner". It is said that the unique yellow -brown glaze was the result of using local clay near the Victor, N.Y. factory. I must also admit that, I killed a little time until the sun hit this one just right on my backyard deck, that day.