Double Decker Dumpster!

By Mike O'Loughlin; posted September 14, 2020

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When Sonny's Pizza, ("home of the Fireball") came down, they built a nice new double decker dumpster. I understand we have the technology to reverse engineer shipping containers. I do not understand why anyone would. This one would be a better candidate for the solar panels disguised as discarded mattress and box springs though, as it's on the south side of a hill. Back in the day, Birch St.(far side of dumpster) was the truck route off Hancock St. Sonny's sold a lot of "Fireballs" I know, 'cause I ate a lot of 'em. (-Pizza was pretty good too!) I also dropped a lot of quarters in the pinball machines. Busted my elbow just across the street back when skateboards were $9.98 and about 4" across. It seems ridiculous that Birch St was the truck route now, but Hancock St stopped at Cassidy Field now Hospital parking lot, and Hancock St after being extended. Viner's Shoe factory was just down the hill and we kids would just walk through like we owned the place. (I'm sure not only did no one care, if they did, they just figured we were bringing lunch, or trying to advance an allowance or something.) Sewing machines, leather, hammering, racks of shoes. Most of the workers would rush their breaks, eat right at their station because they were working peice rate. Imagine that.: workers compensated by the amount of work they do! I'm pretty sure most would loose their safe space at the very thought of it nowadays. Not visible in the shot, (to left) someone once told one of the neighbors that there was an "ordinance" to remove Christmas ornaments after Jan. 6. He has responded by leaving his wreath up year round, only to put up a new one each Christmas (for 30+ years and counting). -Don't tell Bob what to do! Up until recently, I'd say he had won. Not so sure now, as he's gained the view of a double decker dumpster.