Insulators with wire wear - possible 2021 National Display

By Mike Gaudy; posted September 7, 2020

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Insulators with wire wear - possible 2021 National DisplayI have always liked some wire rub or wire wear on insulators. It shows me that they were actually used. I am thinking of several possible themes for a "non-compete" display in New Mexico, this is one; which depends on how many I can collect in a little less than a year. To be sure, I don't want any old insulator with wire wear. They must still have some quality for display. Attached is a photo of three that I have. Thank you Mike Doyle for the center insulator Montana screaming deal of $1.00.

I also like to trade insulators, so let me know if you see something that I have listed that you would like to trade for. I also love CREB 145s with character, Blob Top CD 126s and lately unique shape ponies. OOPS Wrong Photo. Theses are my new treasures from Montana. See the next posting.