Pole placement...

By Mike O'Loughlin; posted August 27, 2020

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After tearing down a nice old colonial -Victorian, that's the word I was looking for, house with a turret on it. (I realize that a turret is essentially a useless feature on a house, but what a place to display two stories of five windows each of those funny things that used to go on telephone poles, just sayin') They slapped up what appears to be a new style home in the up and coming "Contemporary Dumpster" style. I assume it is an offshoot of that " Steam Punk" stuff. No, wait, it may be from those people who make houses from shipping containers (essentially dumpsters) -reverse engineering! I'm all about taking a trend to the next level. Kudos to them. I however might have taken it up one more notch though, (why not jump ahead of the crowd?) I would suggest putting solar panels on the roof, kind of hap hazzardly disguised as stained box springs and mattresses. (Like a Real dumpster) They appear to have found a nice assortment of scraps for the front, and metal roofing for the north and south sides. If they wanted to live in a box, I would have suggested they buy a house in a neighborhood of boxes, like "Bangor gardens" a mile or so away. Guess they like "the east side" though, -aside from all those colonials and Victorians...wich is part of what makes the east side the east side..... Anyway, I really like the telephone pole placement! Can't wait to see how that works out! (Yes, they're going to move the pole. Turns out they need to replace the pole on either side also. -A three fer.