Ponies and Kegs Marked on the Front

By Matt Grayson; posted August 22, 2020

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Lots of ponies and kegs out there but few are marked on the front. Still looking for a Knox or Lapp marked pony. Left to right, top row: U-64, Ohio Brass, U-19, Ohio Brass, U-12 Westinghouse, U-61, G.P. Co.,U-26,G.P.Co., U-61, G.P.Co., U-58, Knox, U-3A, Locke 9. Bottom row: U-21, Illinois, U-21, Illinois, U-4, F.M.Locke, underglaze, U-39, F.M.Locke, incuse, U-57, Macomb, U-42, Macomb, U-15sim. Cook.