New Junky Spool Type

By Sean Green; posted August 13, 2020

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Finally won an LRI off eBay! I took a chance on this guy, and it turned out to be a stunner! I've been the under-bidder more times than I can count on LRI's, but I decided that would not be happening again. The auction was listed by a non-collector and had terrible pictures. It was dirty and had the original bracket still attached, but I could still tell there was some swirling and junk inside. I knew I did well when I unboxed it, but had no idea it was this good until it came out from an overnight soak. The entire piece is full of amber swirling, but the best side is dominated by heavy streaks and black particles mixed in. 2020 has been pretty dry for additions to the collection, but this one sure makes up for it!