CD121 Australian pieces to finish my sets

By Ed Carney; posted July 20, 2020

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Just realized today I have neglected trying to finish my Australian CD 121 sets. Still a few I need, if you have any for sale out there?

CD121 AGEE: Amethyst with a strongish "burgundy" tint. (I'm assuming that means a real reddish violet leaning.)

CD121 Unembossed: Sage green with milk swirls, amethyst, amethyst with a strong burgundy tint, ice aqua, and "emerald green." The full emerald green might be prohibitive, but GIFONA lists a "light emerald green" version that might be do-able. I'd be happy with that to have the color in some form.

Anyway...... have any/all in the sales stock...... please get in touch. Looking for VNM or better on all. Thanks.