Rare CD 106 with Sharp Drip points! Sold in 9 minutes!

By Caleb Thimell; posted July 4, 2020

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Here's a beautiful and rare Green CD 106 from Spain with several cool unlisted features going for it:

1. This embossing (for this cd) is not in the books or NIA website. Embossed: E.S.A./ESPERANZA S.A. (ghost embossed) (front) JTE-F 60102/C.T.N.E. (ghost embossed) (reverse).

2. Only one other JTE-F embossing was previously found on a single CD 106 (on island of Mallorca, Spain)- and a single CD 154 prior to this discovery! So it's a scarce embossing with neat ghost embossing clearly legible.

3. This CD 106 has sharp drip points!! The only other "foreign" 106 with sharp drip points that I can recall seeing is a VI-BO from Colombia.

4. Finally, the condition is VNM+, with only a teeny lower wg fleabite, some inner skirt rust stains and possibly tiny rough spot on tip of one sharp drippoint. No cracks (photo has shadows that appear otherwise).

First email gets this scarce pony for only $158.40 postpaid U.S. Thanks!