Rare Oakman Threadless **TRADED**

By Mike Green; posted June 9, 2003

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Here is a stunning example of a CD 728.7 Oakman's Patent. July 26.1870. This is one of the most unique threadless insulators. This piece has a slotted pinhole that took a special pin with a wedge that expanded into the slots. This is a great example and is in VNM condition with one shallow pinky nail flake on the skirt. This is one of the few that has impurities and swirls in the glass for some great added character. There is a small piece of metal in the skirt, some steamy swirls, and a small white booger as well. The embossing is also very good. You will never need to upgrade this one. Asking $1399 shipping included. I would also love a trade involving any of the following in NM condition: CD 120, 1871, olive green. CD 121, R.GOOD.JR., strong aqua/purple two-tone. CD 123, E.C&M, cobalt flared skirt. CD 130.1, Cal Elec., cobalt. CD 127, no name (W on dome), any strong green. Any rare CD 133, Brookfield. Any rare bullet (no VA style). CD 155, RYT, honey amber. CD 160, H.G.CO., depression or yellow olive green. CD 162, R.GOOD.JR., dark purple. CD 162, H.G.CO., oxblood. CD 200, California, purple. CD 258, emerald green. CD 260, California, purple. Also any killer impurity piece for my son. I will of course kick in cash on any of the more expensive pieces.