CD 104 NET&T - New Embossing?

By Chris Cotnoir; posted June 22, 2020

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For the CD 104 NET&T specialists: here is what I believe to be a new embossing for a CD 104 NET&T that is not currently listed in the Price Guide. I've tried to show this in several photo sets, including some with flat black spray paint to eliminate glare. Anyway, I'll try to describe it. It appears to be a cross between EIN [100] with two backwards N's in front (but no periods at all) and EIN [070] with the blotted out embossing in the rear. So the technical listing would be: (F‑Skirt) (Arc)ИEW EИG TEL & TEL {Backwards letters}/CO {Note no periods}(R‑Skirt) ['(Arc)NEW ENG.TEL & TEL./CO.' blotted out] SB.

A few notable aspects of this new piece include the size of the insulator, which is appreciably larger than the normal [100], which is itself fairly large. This shot shows the two side-by-side. The new insulator, on the left, is two wire groove rubs away from mint, and you can see that it is both taller and wider than the [100] on the right. Light refraction in that pic makes the second N look correct, so I included a better shot of the embossing showing both backwards N's more clearly. The embossing is fairly bold, and there is not even a hint of a dot or period anywhere in front.

Now to the rear. The blotted out embossing seems to have the same backwards lettering as the usual [070], but the font is much smaller, and the blotouts themselves are basically a string of tiny circles. It's quite faint and hard to photograph. In the center are three blotouts: two side-by-side, and the third slightly lower where CO. was blotted out. It's next to a tiny skirt bubble. The black painted shots are a little easier to discern the blotouts. In any event, holding this baby in hand, the blotted out embossing is more obvious, and not simply a coincidental straw mark or other manufacturing anomaly.

Anybody else seen one like this? Do we have a new EIN listing for the next edition of the Price/Reference Guide?

UPDATE: I heard back from two NET&T specialists. Neither Al K. nor Gene H. had seen one like this before.  Mason C. sent me this link of one he posted back in 2014:

This one appears to be a virtual exact match to mine, so we know it's not a one-off.  Anyone else have one?

I also contacted Don Briel about adding a new EIN to the next edition of the Price/Reference Guide, but he'll need to see the piece in-hand before confirming a new entry.  Yet another reason for my wife and me to attend next year's National in New Mexico . . . as if we needed another reason after last year's amazing Helena trip for the Western Regional. 8^D See you in Farmington!