Give Me A Socket Crocket 3

By James A Lindsey Jr; posted June 8, 2020

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In this photo the first two look like lamp sockets but are actually Eagle No 812 electric cigar lighters. They use a ball switch that when tilted to the right angle to light a cigar heats up a coil that has a mica plate to light the cigar, pretty neat.,The next two items are socket coil heaters. In the day you used to use these to heat chicken coops or anyplace really but if not watched could be a big fire hazard. The first is an Eagle and the wider one is a Rodale heaters.,The next five are all Hubbell socket and plug taps, first tandem and straight combo, next tandem, flat blade, then we have a three blade 250v with a Star Porcelain Co. base, last is a lamp socket tap with a tandem straight outlet.