NIA 2003 - Who's Gonna Be There?

By Ed Holland; posted June 5, 2003

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NIA's 34th Annual Insulator Show is coming up June 26-29 in Springfield, Ohio. Complete details are available at

If you're planning to attend and would like to have your name listed on this album page, contact me using the link at the top of this page. Names are listed alphabetically and updated daily between now and show time. If you'll be there as a dealer and/or as an exhibitor, please indicate that in your email, and your name will be followed by a D and/or an E.

See you in Springfield!

Who's Gonna Be There?

  • Marilyn and Bill Albers [D]
  • Dwayne and Ofelia Anthony
  • Jim Bates, Jr. [D]
  • Mark Bauer
  • Bob Berry [D]
  • Steve and Donna Bobb [D, E]
  • Lee [E], Tammy, Seth [E], and Sam Brewer [E]
  • Darin Cochran [E]
  • Jim Colburn [D]
  • Mike Corn
  • Jim Dombrowski
  • James Doty [E]
  • Glenn Drummond
  • Dudley Ellis [D]
  • Sandy Ellison
  • Curtis Erickson [D, E]
  • Russ and Marge Frank [D, E]
  • Mike Gay
  • Elton Gish [D]
  • Mike and Sean Green
  • Todd Grueninger
  • Sandia and Andy Harrison [D]
  • Gene Hawkins [D, E]
  • Chris, Marilyn, and Andy Hedges
  • Ed Holland
  • John Hovanec [E]
  • Charlie and Sandi Irons [D]
  • Bud Johnson
  • Tom and Lynda Katonak [D, E]
  • Doug MacGillvary [D]
  • Bill and Jill Meier [D, E]
  • John Mesmer [D, E]
  • Jim Meyer [D]
  • Alice and Tom Moulton
  • Barrett Nicpon
  • Jim Peach [D]
  • Chris Renaudo
  • Arlen and Tina Rienstra [D, E]
  • Jack Roach [D]
  • Ken Roberts [D]
  • Keith Roloson [D]
  • F.J. and Joneen Shade
  • Rick Soller [D, E]
  • Bob Stahr [D, E]
  • Robert Strezze [E]
  • Craig and Donna VanAuken
  • Dave (Junkinglass) Watkins [D, E]
  • Dave Wiecek and Maria (soon to be Wiecek) Zoppi
  • Pat and Mackenzie Young