143 Great Northwestern botch outs ( Mold Cracks ) 1

By Mike O'Loughlin; posted May 13, 2020

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Adopted another stray Great Northwestern, although not an embossing error, this category fits closest. With an inventory of two, I can't say much about them as a whole, but I can say the mold that made these two was a mess. Why did it crack? Inferior material? Improper tempering? Somebody pouring water on it? I'll never know. The stuff I'll never know is a good part of what interests me in insulators though, While checking out my first one ( right) I wondered about what looked like an extra raised mold line in the wire groove over P, it was raised material from a crack in the mold. I also noticed what looked like a couple blot outs. I hoped they were blot outs, because that always raises the question what's being blotted out? As it turned out, they were drill holes that had been plugged, but not for the purpose of covering an embossing, but for mold repair. When metal cracks, one way to attempt to stop the crack is to drill a hole at each end of the crack. The insulator on left was made before the one on right. I've traced out as best I can the "for sure" mold surface irregularities, my sharpie ain't so sharp, there's some other funky stuff going on in a couple areas, but I only drew the ones I'm sure of. I haven't seen this type of mold repair on any other Insulators, Brookfield did a lot of blots, but I know of no crack repairs like this. Of note in this comparison: The leaning 8, or snowman-looking (two connected drill holes) over RAP, left has a small bump at 1:00 on upper drill hole indicating missing metal from mold, also note diameter of that upper part of 8 is less on earlier (left) insulator, so they bored it out bigger to repair that bump, then or perhaps at the same repair drilled a small hole at about that 1:00 spot.(right) anyways I'm surprised there isn't more about this anomaly out there... Edit 5-31-20 thanks Lee! There are definitely three molds, and at least two of them have repairs.