Trade Items still Available, now offering a 10% Finder's Bounty

By Colin Jung; posted April 24, 2020

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My ad features the former Cal collection of Mike Bilss. I am still looking to add some new pieces to my California collection through trade. I am now offering a 10% bounty to any collector/non-collector who facilitates a successful trade for me. Here is my want list [id=591894973]

Here are my traders. I have other unique/scarce stuff for trade that is not pictured and expect more in the near future, so keep an eye on the trade and not-traded folders:

Large Brookfield glass bushing embossed R.5070 [id=626467663]

Burgundy Domer California Transposition CD 200 [id=623365161]

Modern Hemingray Junker [id=623360867]

Unusual Star Pony with large underpour [id=623080193] [id=623080356]

Amber topped Hemingray transposition insulator CD 205 [id=623081127]

Snowy Green Aqua Santa Ana insulator CD 178[020] [id=622389037] [id=622389266] [id=622389340] 3 pics

Cornflower Blue CD 126.4 Patent Dec. 19, 1871 telegraph insulator [id=622321435] [id=622321486] [id=622321525] [id=622321612] 4 pics

Medium yellow California signal CD 162 [id=622161700]

Fantasy Red Porcelain signal insulator "re-glazed" [id=621790590] [id=621790690]

Tweener shade of powder blue unlisted for Patent Dec. 19,1871 CD 134[010] [id=622087610] [id=622087723] [id=622087764]

aqua H.G. Co. beehive, CD 145, with numerous white abestos fiber inclusions [id=609650667] [id=609650837]

The Koolery: Glass Lightning Arrestor from British Columbia, Canada [id=607102361]

NEVER offered before yellow California baby signal, CD 160 [id=575513296]

Purple Unembossed CEW pony insulator, CD 120 [id=571952755]

Unlisted Blue Aqua Callifornia round dome straight sides insulator CD 166[020] [id=570146635]

Early Fred Locke Illustrated Advertising Postal Cover dated 1893 [id=408187521]

Thanks for your consideration.

Colin Jung