102 No Embossing Canada 060s

By Mike O'Loughlin; posted March 16, 2020

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Finally got around to actually look these beauties up, and realized I'm all confused and stuff. So, I see them as two same style on left, and three same style on right ( even though the last two look more alike..). All have MLOD, so that alone puts them to 060s, since they're definitely not 010s. The first two have round bases.(fine) -But: the first of the last three has only what I could call a flat base. Middle, has some damage, and looks not fully packed out, but leans toward round, but with some flashing on outer edge sticking straight down in upright orientation. Last one, yeah round base, but last three look so different from first two. So... All 060s ? Answer: Thank you Dave! They are all 060s