TRADED Outrageous Blonde/Brown Glazed Pittsburg Power Insulator U-648. TRADED

By Colin Jung; posted March 7, 2020

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This insulator was getting a lot of recent collector attention, so I decided to offer it in trade-- a stunning Pittsburg U-648 in an unusual blonde, brown & caramel glazing. The skirt looks even better [id=588097310]. I was going to start my porcelain collection with this piece, but felt it would be better appreciated in a real porcelain collector's collection. I am not an expert on porcelain glazes, so I will defer to no less an authority than Elton Gish who wrote: " Early very light tan glazes and contrasting mottled brown glazes are quite rare and often unique. Collectors find these glazes very desirable especially if the vast majority of a specific insulator has an unremarkable glaze. Values of these types of specimens are impossible to determine due to rarity of the glaze coloration and desires of the collector." (Collector's Guide for Porcelain Insulators (Unipart Pin-Types) page 66).

Need Cal(s) from my want list [id=549405707] and cash, if needed, to even the trade. I can name at least a half dozen ho-hum color Cals on the list that I would trade straight up even for the Pittsburg piece.