162 and 162.1 Brook Lt Blue - rare!

By Lee Brewer; posted May 28, 2003

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Here is a CD 162 [030] in light blue - and a 162.1 [030] in light blue. The 162.1 is unlisted - but reported. Both of these are the only examples of their kind I have seen.

The 162.1 has a number 6 on the top. The 162 has a 1 on top.

To see a pic of the leftmost piece by itself [id=58737551].

To see a pic of the leftmost piece compared to a signal that has an identical embossing index but a very different shape (!!!) [id=58738404].

So that you know there is no confusion in thinking maybe I have mistaken the piece on the right for a 162.3, [id=58739302] to see what a 162.3 looks like when compared to the 162 [030].