Two beautiful Green 162 Signals McLaughlin & Hemingray

By Mike Gaudy; posted February 11, 2020

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These insulators are in good condition. There may be some small nicks, chips or flea bites. A complete ping and ding inspection / report can be made on request. Please pay with PayPal friends or a personal check.

LEFT: Emerald Green McLaughlin 162. The only damage is a small open bubble / under pour in the petticoat and a few flea bites (Book $75 to $100) $80 plus shipping. SOLD

RIGHT: Dark Yellow Green HEMINGRAY (back) No 19. I don't see this beautiful color in a Hemingray signal that often. There are four chips to the insulator ranging from a pinky nail size to about half that size. There are located at the back in the wire groove, at the back of each mold line at the base (each impacts two drips) and again at the back in the petticoat. (Book $300 to $350). $150 plus shipping.