CD 162 BROOKFIELD Small Dome Sale

By Chris Cotnoir; posted February 6, 2020

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This CD 162 is technically EIN [180] (F‑Skirt) BROOKFIELD (R‑Skirt) NEW YORK SB in Light Blue, but I think it maybe ought to have its own listing in light of what appears to be a smaller than normal dome coupled with a taller than usual skirt height. See lower right photo for a comparison with a late-production model (albeit this one is EIN [030]). I've also seen this small dome/tall skirt phenomenon with some of the purple Brookfield CD 162's, but not quite to the same degree as this one. And this is the first non-purple one I've seen. There is a listing in the Price Guide for a CD 134 Brookfield that describes it as a "CD 162 with no inner skirt." There is also a listing for a CD 134 Hemingray that says "{Crown looks like a CD 162}". I would submit that this CD 162 Brookfield perhaps should include in the listing: "{Crown looks like a CD 134}." In any event, this one's got an open bubble on the rear crown, a small chip on the rear wire ridge, and a couple of open bubbles on both the base and inner skirt. There is also a small steam trail over the top of the pinhole in the rear that I tried to show with the darker background shot. Add this unique Brookie signal to your oddity shelf for $35 plus postage. If you want the Dark Aqua comparison piece, I'll include it for another five bucks.