CD 126 CREB Embossed Below Wire Groove Sold

By Chris Cotnoir; posted February 6, 2020

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This Aqua CD 126 is EIN [120] (F‑Crown) W U T CO./CAUVETS PAT./W. BROOKFIELD (F‑Below wire groove) PAT.MARCH 20, 1877 (R‑Crown) 1/FEB. 22, 70/NO 55 FULTON ST. N.Y. (R‑Below wire groove) PAT.JAN. 25, 1870 {MLOD} SB. The clarity of the glass is remarkable, and the condition is excellent with only three nearly microscopic pinpoint tics that I can see. Nice deep swirl start to the threads and few bubbles, too. It'd be tough to upgrade. Asking $40 plus postage.