My Latest Hunt Finds - bottle dump

By David Hicks; posted May 25, 2003

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CD 133 Yellow green CREB, Damaged CD 162 Hemingray in green aqua, A CD 154 Hemingray 42 with tough embossing, and a very strange milky aqua color, CD 164 damaged Hemi, A CD 160 yellow green Star, several porcelain insulators, a CD 133.2 dark green unembossed MLOD, a "topless" clear CD 154 wit tie wire, and shards of CD 102, 162, 164 and several unknown pieces(I also found parts of a large Locke power piece, but don't have enough of the embossing to be sure) Also a beautiful olive green whiskey bottle, and an amazing pre turn of the century mold blown with lip and neck hand tooled bottle. In a great aqua color, with lots of bubbles, some junk, several glass drips, and the blown marking on the base.