A lost Fred M. Locke rairity (M-2335a? )

By Mike Spadafora; posted December 28, 2019

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A lost rarity?... not ... ( click at the end for a color photo of this piece ) This piece was seen in the early 1970's at The Smithsonian by Gerald Brown. It was listed in his porcelain books and his Fred M.Locke book . When Elton Gish (along with several other collectors) was given total access to the achieves of the Smithsonian insulator collection in 2001, no record of this piece was found and no staff member had seen it . Perhaps it belonged to a staff member who had it on his desk and later took it home ? We today have no idea where it is and the Smithsonian today does not clam to have it. It appears to be ether a 6 1/2" or M-2335a 7 1/2 " gutter of 1902 manufacture.[id=582133159]