More Porcelain Multipart Info Requested

By Mike Csorbay; posted May 21, 2003

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Hi... Here is a three-tiered multi that I'd like some info on, if anyone can help out it would be greatly appreciated. It stands approximately 7-1/2" tall and looks to be about 8" across the top bell, 6" across the middle section, and 3-3/4" across the base, which is a totally different color than the top two tiers. I see no ID of any kind on it, either incused or ink-stamped, and there is a fair amount of light scratching on all three sections, perhaps indicating a long service life or many years rolling around in the yard following its employment. There are also 5 nicks out of the glaze on the underside of the upper bell. Please also see [id=58080657] for a different viewing angle of the piece.

Once again, ID required, pricing info optional, but this one is available to anyone who'd like to add it to their collection... I will be posting pics of a few more in the coming days & weeks, so if you like multi-part mud, stay tuned! Thanks for all your help, ICON.