G.N.W. CD 143!

By Barrett Nicpon; posted May 19, 2003

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I've been on the lookout like you wouldn't believe the last 6 months or so for a whole one, and yesterday I finally fulfilled my wish! I didn't find any threadless pieces (Or whole ones for that matter), but on the threaded side of the tracks the farmer has been clearing some land, and had dug a lot of the ground out using a backhoe. 2 poles were laying on their sides, and several insulators had been scraped out of the dirt. The first insulator I saw was an R-4, then I saw the skirt of a grooved base DWIGHT PATTERN CD 143 sticking from an embankment, and at the last pole, there was a piece of oddly coloured glass half buried in the dirt. Right away I recognized the glass as the rear half of the insulator I had been relentlessly pursuing for the last several months, it was a G.N.W. 143! The shape is a dead give away. I then spent about 10 minutes searching for the other piece, and eventually found it about 2 feet away, closer to the pole. A medium sliver of glass is missing where the two pieces join, but aside from that, the insulator is, more or less, whole. Or the best I've found so far. P> Now, the next question is, what colour is it? The price guide lists the embossing G . N . W as coming in light green and light yellow green. This one is definitely not light green, as I've found a G.N.W. 143 with the dome missing in light green. I'm assuming this is light yellow green. It does look quite yellow, after all. Any thoughts?