Five unusual auction catalogs for one price!

By Bob Berry; posted October 15, 2019

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Both Ross Baird and Mike Green published a small series of insulator catalogs -- these are very cool with full color pictures and many seldom seen insulators. Take all for $50 including media rate shipping in the US. Includes all four catalogs Ross published one one of three by Mike Green:

Ross Baird "No Good Insulator" sales:

Fall 1998 - full color printed catalog with spiral binding - over 60 insulators listed

Spring 1999 -- full color printed catalog with nearly 80 insulators listed, sales prices written in

Winter 2001 -- Full color printed catalog with over 100 insulators listed, results sheet included

Fall 2002 -- Full color printed catalog with nearly 100 insulators listed

Mike Green "Treasures of the Talking Wire"

2005 October, catalog #1 -- printed on high quality paper with spiral binding and contains 150 insulators -- rare CDs, great colors, unusual styles.