Trio of H.G.CO. 151's at $35 each all Sold

By Peter Persoff; posted October 14, 2019

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OK...let's try this one again. Hard to believe that they are still available and at a reduced price!!

Left: This one is a piece with almost 1 1/4" of dome glass, with some bubbles behind the embossings and in the dome itself. One small not so obvious dome ding is it for issues...maybe a tick here or there of no consequence.

Middle: A very unusual series of base bubbling adorns this piece with a mid-sized bubble behind the ridge and a halo of milky stuff in the base next to the bubbles.....and it's flawless. When have you seen one like this?

Right: Another beauty!! This one has a halo of tiny bits of junk in the generous dome glass along with scattered interesting shaped bubbles throughout. A large tadpole shaped bubble behind the front embossing and a large open bubble in the front base with several partially filled drips. Only actual flaw is a small base flake with a missing drip.. that's it other than the many interesting day-one anomalies.

Asking $35 for each plus shipping. Take all three for $95 and I'll cover half of the shipping $7.50.

More photos available...just ask if you're interested.