CD 102 BF

By Chris Cotnoir; posted October 13, 2019

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On the left is CD 101 EIN sim. [010] (Dome) C (F‑Skirt) BROOKFIELD SB. Not sure if this is an unlisted embossing variant, as it has a dome letter, not a number, as shown in the latest Price Guide. The rich Teal Aqua color is also not listed. Damage is minor and limited to some wire rubs in the groove, a tiny fisheye ping to the wire ridge in front, and another to the base. The dome is solid glass from the wire ridge up. Asking $10 plus postage. **SOLD**

On the right is CD 102 EIN [020] (Dome) [Backwards] 02 (F‑Skirt) BROOKFIELD SB in Green. There is a small open bubble in the front skirt above the F, and a pinpoint peck on the lower wire ridge above it. The rest is excellent. Note the fancy script of the dome number. Now $5 plus postage.