CD 102 Patent-Other Pair Sold

By Chris Cotnoir; posted October 13, 2019

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As near as I can figure, the one on the left is EIN [030] (F‑Crown) PAT/JAN 25TH 1870 (R‑Crown) FEB 22ND 1870/MCH 20TH 1877 {MLOD} SB in Light Aqua. There is a base flake and wire ridge flake in front.

On the right is EIN [020] (F‑Crown) PAT/JAN 25TH 1870/JAN 14TH 1879 (R‑Crown) 0 {MLOD} SB in Light Aqua. The dome bruise and base chip on the right front are more than offset by the olive threads running all around. Click on View Original for a closer look.

Asking $12 plus postage for the pair.