CD 145 H.G.CO. Pair Sold

By Chris Cotnoir; posted October 13, 2019

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On the left is EIN [100] (F‑Skirt) H.G.CO. (R‑Skirt) PETTICOAT SB in something close to Off Clear. Damage is limited to a shallow base chip at the right mold line, a tiny bruise on the rear inner skirt edge, and a couple of wire rubs and scattered pecks. The clarity of the glass is remarkable.

On the right is EIN [140] (F‑Skirt) [Backwards] N /H.G.CO. (R‑Skirt) PETTICOAT SB in Light Blue. Click on View Original to note the typewriter-like font style of the N as compared to the rest of the embossing, which is crude and uneven. I can find no damage besides a couple of minor nibbles along the wicked sharp upper wire ridge. The base, inner skirt, and threads are perfect.

Asking $25 plus postage for the pair.