Smooth Base Hemingray-made Signals Sale

By Chris Cotnoir; posted October 13, 2019

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On the left is a CD 164 EIN [050] HEMINGRAY‑20 (R‑Skirt) MADE IN U.S.A. SB in Blue Aqua. There's a small flake on the left front wire ridge, some chipping on the inner skirt at the left mold line, and a few scattered pecks. Displays very nicely, as shown.

On the right is a CD 162 EIN [040] (F‑Skirt) H.G.CO. (R‑Skirt) PETTICOAT SB in Ice Green. There's a couple of chips and a bruise on the front wire ridge, a short stress fracture to the left of the H in front, a few scattered tics, and the usual and minor nibbling along the sharp base edges. The rest of the base, inner skirt, and threads are perfect. Displays excellent from the rear, as shown.

Take the pair for $30 plus postage.