Rare CD 203.2 Armstrong T.W. transposition (front)

By Ian Macky; posted October 9, 2019

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Rare CD 203.2 Armstrong, without the rubber ring. No significant defects, VNM overall: base is a bit flat/dull at its lowest point from sitting in the lehr (still soft when it went in?), there's a bit of wire rub in the lower wire groove with a slight amount more in the upper groove (so yes, this was in service), and there's some light scuffing on some of the outside skirt and outside of top dome/ridge, and a tiny bit of scuffing on the top of the dome-- all of which is hard to see and harder still to capture on camera. No dings, pecks, chips, cracks, scratches, etc. If I hold a straightedge to the piece, the contact points match the scuffing on the skirt and top ridge, so was this on the ground briefly, on its side? That doesn't make sense if the rubber ring was installed since the rubber sticks out past the glass, so it's a mystery. I had thought about tumbling/polishing to remove the light scuffing, but it's barely visible and didn't bother me so I left it as I got it. If it sounds like it has a lot of flaws, it's just because I'm being careful/complete in my description. Who likes condition surprises? I can provide more photos if desired, but it's hard to capture this sort of thing on a clear insulator.

How often are these available??

$2450 postpaid.