My Absolute Porcelain Favorites

By Dennis Stewart; posted October 5, 2019

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M-2636, M-2637 and M-2642. They're not impressive in size but they're not small. They look like some kind of fine art pottery rather than an electrical tool. There are few contenders for the graceful lines and flares in their class. These have been my favorites since the first one I got around 1969 when these nice ladies, two sisters as I recall had a booth at the Washington Courthouse flea market and had made a lamp out of an M-2635. They told me they had a couple more. One they had drilled and one they hadn't. The one they had drilled was another M-2635 but the un-drilled one was different and turned out to be what would be known many years later as an M-2636. Bought them both. I've since passed on the drilled 2635 as I only collect Ohio made pieces now. The 2636 is still in the group and turns out to be one of the few Akron made OB unmarked ones in captivity.