purple 143s $90 and $40

By Bryan Lane; posted September 30, 2019

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Two purple CanPacs

I've got two and I only need one... they're both the same colour so I'll sell one and keep the other.

One nicer one for $90 and one with some damage for $40.

Nice one- damage consists of two dome fisheye impacts that are both about a centimeter wide. The skirt has some very thin flakes scattered about... the longest of them is about a centimeter tall and a little less than a centimeter wide. This one has some interesting deformation along the skirt where it looks like the embossing is squeezed in. It's nothing super exciting... but it adds some character to it.

some damage one- a shallow flake and a chip take up about 5cm of the base. the flake is shallow but the chip takes out most of the "R" in R.Y." as it extends up past the embossing. There is a crack associated with the chip that extends almost up into the wire groove, and another skirt crack to the right of that one which is slightly more than a centimeter tall. The dome has a centimeter wide fisheye and the skirt has flaking like the other one has.

They both have some flea bites scattered about. Excellent colours though... I always liked the unique shade of purple these canpacs show up in.

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