Cobalt hemingray 19- cheap colour $100

By Bryan Lane; posted September 30, 2019

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Cobalt hemingray 19- It's a nice colour but it has some damage. Damage consists of two large wire groove chips- both are about 4cm long and extend into the inside of the groove. The inner skirt has an area of shallow flaking about 4cm long. The dome has 3 fisheye impact marks that are about a centimeter across each. Two of the drip points are chipped. If you're displaying these from the base maybe this one is an upgrade? If you're looking for an example of the colour for your collection maybe this one is a good stand in.

From the front in this picture you can see the more unsightly of the two large wire groove chips. This one is a sort of half-bruise-half-chip with the cracking/bruising on the left and the missing glass on the right.

Asking $100 shipped in the United States. I might trade for early Fred Locke porcelain or early multiparts.