CD254 No. 3 Cable Dark Green Sold

By Ken Gardner; posted September 12, 2019

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Well here is a nice color for someones collection, a rich Dark Green No. 3 Cable. The embossing is hard to see but you can just make it out. It has some amber and also a couple white potstones and with a few bubbles to boot. Now it has a couple base nibbles and one ear has a crack on top that's about 3/8" deep but still very solid, and between the ears is a hit about the size of a pea and a couple small clamshell flakes radiating off it, the rest of the insulator is mint. Unless you look down on top of the ears you wouldn't even see these issues. It really is a beautiful Green and if mint it would book between $175-$200. I prefer cheques but will accept PayPal in family/friends gift mode. First email as usual. How about $75.00 U.S.