CD 162 HAMILTON Light Blue Aqua Sold

By Chris Cotnoir; posted September 12, 2019

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Here is a CD 162 EIN [010] (F‑Skirt) HAMILTON GLASS Co. {MLOD} {MLOB} RB in Light Blue Aqua. Exterior damage is limited to a 1" flake off the underside of the wire ridge at the right rear and some slight wear around the wire ridge and dome. On the interior, there is a small flake on the inner skirt at the left mold line and some rough nibbling and dings to the sharp inner edge of the outer skit. Of note, the inner skirt has a severe underpour with the right side nearly flush with the top of the outer skirt. Click on View Original for greater detail. Asking well below low book at $20 plus postage.