CD 126 CREB with Odd Bubble Sold

By Chris Cotnoir; posted September 12, 2019

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This CD 126 is EIN [300] (F‑Crown) 18/W. BROOKFIELD/45 CLIFF ST. N.Y. (R‑Crown) PAT./JAN. 25, 1870/JAN. 14, 1879 {MLOD} SB in Aqua. It's vvnm+ with only a couple pinpoint pecks. At the right rear, there is a large, oddly shaped double bubble that begins in the rear crown and extends behind the mold line and into the left front skirt. As an added bonus, the shop number and MLOD are nicely ghosted, but click on View Original and you'll see that the ghosting appears BELOW the actual embossing, which is highly unusual. Several smaller bubbles, a few tiny bits of white potstone, and some light amber wisps add a little more character. (Note—Any purple hues that may appear are reflections and not in the insulator.) Asking $12 plus postage.