CD 150 Brookfield in darker aqua, excellent VVNM condition

By Ian Macky; posted September 10, 2019

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This is the CD 150 from my personal collection-- it's as close to mint as I was able to get. There is one BB bulls-eye on the dome and a tiny potstone fracture, both of which I've tried to capture. I took the pic of the bullseye in order to give it maximum visibility-- it's actually much less noticable in person. The tiny potstone burst is smooth on the outside; the actual potstone fragment is only about 1mm but it's near the surface which is why it's burst. BROOKFIELD embossing is a bit weak, but the patent embossing is strong. If you want more/better pictures, ask and ye shall receive.

$625 postpaid.

Hmm, a similar one just sold on eBay for $717 plus shipping: #293186957871