Together At Last: Hemingray Amber 515, 514, 513, 512

By Christian Willis; posted September 9, 2019

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Thanks to a recent acquisition, I've completed my line-up. From left to right: CD 301.5 Hemingray-515, CD 238 Hemingray D-514, CD 232 Hemingray D-513, and CD 230 Hemingray D-512 in "Tiger's Milk". What can I say... I'm a sucker for Hemingray's 1930s amber & dump specimens.

Bottom row: CD 301.5 in clear, CD 238.1 Hemingray D-514, CD 243 Hemingray-88, CD 221 Hemingray-68 {Locke Hi-Top style}.

On the wall behind it is [so far] my earliest Stonehouse Sign go-with. The sign is a non-standard 16"x9" size, and states in the white block: "UNIVERSAL DANGER SIGNAL SIGN / Design Patent Applied For / J.W.Stonehouse, Denver, Colo." This dates the sign to around 1913, and was the birth of the modern-day "Danger in an oval" sign we're all so familiar with. For more views of some of my Stonehouse sign collection, [id=572649543].