SIX Cal 161's with BIG DOME GLASS & Other GREAT STUFF !!.... ALL Sold

By Peter Persoff; posted September 8, 2019

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Here are SIX 161 Californias all with significant DOME GLASS and other features.

#1 TOP LEFT. SMOKY with just a hint of PURPLE in the 1 1/4 inches of Dome Glass. Just a teensy pip (almost invisible) from Mint. $48 plus shipping.

#2 TOP MIDDLE Muted Swirled BURGANDY & GRAY MIX in the 1 1/4 inches of Dome Glass. A few open slanted narrow one on the rear dome, and two teeny pips on the lower front ridge...otherwise flawless. $92 plus shipping.

#3 TOP RIGHT Light BURGANDY & GRAY Swirled MIX in the 1 inch of Dome Glass. Two top of dome small pips from Mint...Beautiful Shiny piece!! $72 plus shipping.

#4 BOTTOM LEFT Unusual LIGHT YELLOW GREEN...Close to Citrine!! This piece with it's 1 inch of Dome Glass is FLAWLESS and has some well place bubbles too!! $123 plus shipping.

#5 BOTTOM MIDDLE Dark muted Sage Green with amber inclusion on top of and over the pinhole in the 1 Inch Dome Glass. Open base bubble and small ridge ding is it for condition. $44 plus shipping

#6 BOTTOM RIGHT DARK BURGANDY with 1 1/8 inch of Dome Glass. A bubble here and there...not a mark on this minty baby!! $98 plus shipping.

All of these 161's have the "A" on the dome except for #s 4&5.

Interested in more than one? Let's talk group prices..and more pictures available..... Thanks, Peter