CD 145 Brookfield Duo Sold

By Chris Cotnoir; posted September 8, 2019

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On the left is EIN [230] (F‑Crown) 14/(Arc)W. BROOKFIELD/45 CLIFF ST/N.Y. {MLOD} SB in Blue (not quite Windex). This shop number is identified as SN 14b in Lee Brewer's excellent CREB reference work ( Besides a ding on the 1 in the shop number, I can find no damage. A few bubbles and some light fizz and fine snow add a bit more character to this great color.

On the right is EIN [040] (F‑Skirt) B SB in dark Teal/Green/Aqua with fine white snow throughout that did not show up in the photos except for the base shot. There are also several very elongated bubbles in the front crown and dome, one of which is open directly above the B in front. There are three hits to the right crown area, two of which are less visible. Click on View Original for a closer look.

I understand that shop number 14 is a bit less common than some of the others, and this B must be seen in hand to be fully appreciated. Asking $17 plus postage for the pair.