TWO CAL 162 Burgandy/Gray SWIRL w/ Huge DOME GLASS. Left piece Sold-Others available!!

By Peter Persoff; posted September 7, 2019

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For sale is a TRIO of FABULOUS Big DOME GLASS Burgandy/Gray SWIRLED California 162's....all are very MINTY!!.

Left Piece (#X) This one has distinctive layered swirls in the big dome glass. When under-lit it shows lots of fizz and small bubbles in the base and throughout. One tiny open inner skirt bubble. It also sports some nice dome surface swirling. This one is "quite a catch" if you snag it!!. $225 + Shipping. SOLD

Middle Piece (#Y) This one has more amorphous swirling in the big dome glass. A bubble in the dome (seen from the front view), a larger bubble behind the embossing, an open base bubble in the outer skirt, Various other bubbles and fizz throughout, seen when under-lit. Also some interesting surface swirls on the dome and elsewhere. $205 +Shipping.

Right Piece (#Z) .This one has some uneven layered swirls and is lighter in color. An open tiny crescent shaped surface bubble on the dome, a small open base bubble, fizz when under-lit. some surface swirls in this two tone piece with significant dome glass too. Another beauty for $195 + Ship.

Ask for other pictures if interested.

Take them all for $610 and I'll cover the shipping in the USA.