ice blue [250] Hemingray 9 $100

By Bryan Lane; posted September 6, 2019

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An interesting Hemingray 9... this one is a bit of a different mold than I'm used to seeing and the colour is some sort of ice blue.

Unfortunately this one sports some damage on the rear skirt right at the patent embossing. That damage is shown in another picture posted after this one. The damaged area is about 3cm long and a little over 1cm tall. It consists of a flake and a bruise- the flake is about 1.5 cm long and it takes out most of the "2" in "may 2" of the patent embossing. The other 1.5cm of damage is a bruise that's about 1cm tall and extends just past the 1893 date. There is a sort of half-fingernail base flake shown in the first photo below the "9" in "no9" as well as some wire rub in the wire groove and a a few small flea bites and flakes.

This one displays pretty good from the front and this one is an interesting colour and mold combination. Asking $100 shipped in the United States- payment via PayPal goods and services please.