KCGW CD 151 [040] bunch of 8's embossing $60

By Bryan Lane; posted September 5, 2019

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[040] listing KCGW CD 151

Celery green I guess... that's the colour listed in my old McDougald guide

This is an interesting insulator... it's a KCGW CD 151 but it's not the typical darker green or aqua "7" embossed variety. This one has some vertical bars and a few "8"s embossed and it's a nice light green or green aqua shade. Compared to the 7 variety it's pretty thick and short.

Damage consists of a shallow base flake that's about 3cm long, an upper wire groove lip flake and smack that are a little over 2cm wide together with the flake being fingernail sized, and just the usual flea bites and roughness associated with most insulators. This one displays very well from either side but the base flake and wire groove damage are both on the same side. I have the insulator pictured from the side with the damage... the base flake can be seen at the bottom left of the insulator and the wire groove damage is on the right margin of the insulator.

Asking $60 shipped in the United States- I prefer PayPal goods and services as payment. If you are local to central Ohio you can come pick it up as well.