Rare Deep Orange Amber CD 470.1 Insulator! Sale Only $125!

By Caleb Thimell; posted August 13, 2019

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Here's a CD 470.1 glass insulator in a rare unlisted Deep Orange Amber from Poland. Embossed "IL.NS-95" (front) CENA 480 (reverse). Photo taken with full spectrum lighting. Closest listing for this cd is for a blackglass amber with only two known with a book value of $400-500.

VNM condition (3 teeny base rim glass overpour nibbles and a couple of teeny tic marks)! Color is visible in the outer and inner skirt with underlighting [id=402610099]. I received an email from a collector in Poland telling me amber insulators like this from Poland are RARE. This is most likely the blackglass amber listing in GIFONA. Would make an incredible line up with all the other discovered greens, yellows, blues, etc in this cd number!

First email that says they will buy it gets this very hard to find amber insulator for the crazy final slashed price of only $125 plus shipping. That's 75% off book price! Thanks!