Milk swirled HEMINGRAY 1893 with NO Drip Points photo #3 of 3 Sold

By Mike Gaudy; posted August 11, 2019

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I have owned a couple of these in my history of collecting, and I always thought it was the most "major oops" that I have ever seen. The 1893 patent date is for the drip points and the Hemingray plant forgot to add the drip points!!??

This one has some milky wisps or swirls that can only be seen when underlit. The swirls are also only on one side of the insulator. There is a clean pinky nail size chip to the upper wire ridge (see photo of damage). The straight aqua books for $50-75 and a milky aqua is $300-350.

I am going to ask $135.00 to include shipping in the US.