N. R. WOODWARD - Insulator Enthusiast, Kind Person, & Friend

By Dario Dimare; posted August 9, 2019

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I am very saddened by Woody's passing. He was kind, intelligent, and fun to be with. I loved all his stories. I miss him dearly. I was recently sent his WILL and he really doesn't want a whole lot. He donated his body to science. He has no family and wants no expenses paid for a funeral or other ceremonies. He wants his ashes spilled on the MKT railroad right-of-way which we will do. Thank you all for your kind words.

Woody is really the guy who made the hobby possible. He had a tough life and basically lived his life hunting and researching insulators. That was his passion. This sounds nuts, but it is true. He took jobs at different railroad companies only to gain access to their right-of-ways and to get enough cash to get by for his next adventure hunting and researching these things. I have most of his notes and files and will get them out to the public in due time. But for now, I say God bless you Woody and say hello to Mr. Brookfield, Mclaughlin, and Gray for me. Rest in peace my friend.