Round drip points on a Hemingray 60-A CD 257 - Hem 42 pictured

By Richard Case; posted July 14, 2019

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I have a Hemingray 60-A with these drip points . Are they Round or just pointed drips that were just not filled. Mine are absolutely Round with the dot on the tips. I've seen the Hemingray 42's with this type of drips a few times now. Bob Stahr had a Hem 42 at the National with identical drips and also Bill Meier questioned my Round drip Hem 60-A thinking it was a sharp drip pointed that just never filled in. It was an interesting conversation. Anyone want to express their theory? Are they Round or not filled sharp drips that all rounded. I think the round drips in a 60-A are so rare that nobody has seen one. They are listed in the guide. thanks and looking for opinions. The picture is a Hemingray 42 that Bob Had at the National. Looks like the same Identical drill for making the drip points....That was used on the Hemingray 60-A mold. One Hemingray collector commented that the dimple on the bottom of the drip points was a vent hole that Hemingray had to prevent deformed drip points. So this is a actual round drip point Hemingray 60-A. Thank you all who made suggestions and comments.